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I know you can have it all. Question is: Do you want it all? Do you believe you can have it all?

  • Do you have the free time you dreamed of when you courageously launched your 6-figure business? Do you have assets to cultivate wealth and reclaim your freedom, travel, and play? Where would you go if your business was location-independent?

Would you rather...

A) Run a business?
B) Run a busy-ness? or
C) Own a business?

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Want more free time, wealth assets, fast-tracked success and a meaningful location-independent business?

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About Wealth Coach Tina

Hi, I'm Tina :) I'm a Certified Success & Wealth Mastery Coach. I unleash the freedom of  Overachieving Women Entrepreneurs who want a lifestyle of rest, love, balance and play, on top of your 6-figure income.

Off paper, I'm a recovering achievaholic, ex-perfectionist and wisdom hoarder. I read a book a week and implement every piece of wisdom. Crazy? A little. Wealthy? A lot.

About Wealth Coach Tina

Tina Chen, Inner & Outer Wealth CoachHi, I'm Tina :) I'm a Certified Success & Wealth Mastery Coach. I unleash the freedom of Overachieving Women Entrepreneurs who want more free time, wealth assets, and a location-independent business. Connect with Tina :) »

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Tina has a gift for helping people give effective form to their dreams by crafting websites and logos that reflect the intent and culture behind my product. Co-creating a business presence with her that is powerful, attractive, and effective has been easy and fun... and freeing.

Unlike other companies, who bill you for answering a question or picking up the phone, Tina only cares about making her clients happy. She'll spend the time you need, explaining or training, and I felt listened to and never rushed. (My doctor should learn manners from her.)
Dr. Matthew Howe, NSA Chiropractor