A Sanctuary for Overachievers Cultivating High Net Worth and High Self-Worth

To women who thought they had to become the best man they can be to feel like a first-class citizen. 

To women who lost friends for being too brilliant and continued to be different and weird.

To women who were excluded for going against the grain and were courageous enough to keep breaking the mold.

To you, I devote my life. You deserve to be wealthy. You deserve to free!

xo Tina

A hand up, not a handout.
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Fast-track and Triple-stack

Are you waiting for an "oh shit" at 39, an adrenal burn-out, a bankruptcy or a divorce to cultivate wealth? Let's fast-track your wealth by triple-stacking:
1. Wealth Mindset
2. Business Automation
3. Leadership Strength

Navigate with Grace

Are you spinning love life, friends, family, health, travels, amidst your business' mid-life crisis?

Do you constantly wonder, "What now? ... What next? ... Is this all there is? ... This can't be it!" Then you’ve come to the right place, my overachiever extraordinaire!

Coaching & Mentoring for Overachieving Women Entrepreneurs

Free up your time

Do you have the free time you dreamed of when you first launched your business? Learn how to cleverly leverage your and others' time

Reap a 6-figure income

Do you have assets to cultivate wealth? Create e-products to generate residual income and to spread your message far and wide.

Become location-independent

Where would you be if you could be anywhere? Seize the freedom to work and travel from anywhere in the world. Oh the places you will go!

Simplify, simplify, simplify

Would you rather run a busy-ness or own a business? Design and implement systems that simplify and automate your business.

Belong to a tribe

Are you feeling overwhelmed, alone or lost in your business? Join a tribe of overachieving women championing each other on.

Create through play

When was the last time you played freely? Laughter liberates the mind. Silliness liberates the soul. Both lead to full permission and creativity.